Online media sales: the fastest moving jobs on the planet

By Hybrid

If you're a media sales professional, you'll be tired of being asked if you are:

  • Dynamic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Target-driven
  • Looking to work in a 'great environment'

Of course, you are all those things - otherwise, you wouldn't be looking for a job in media sales!

As salesperson, an individual, there's so much more to you than that. Your dream job should make use of those skills and attributes that make an employer sit up and take notice.

The job needs to be special, out of the ordinary. You don't want to be selling advertising space to clients you've never heard of. That probably won't inspire you, or if it does, perhaps you're kidding yourself. In your next professional role, you should know that what you're pitching is the best in the media market, a bespoke product so good that it attracts the attention of clients you've actually heard of already. And a product that fascinates you personally, too.

And if what you're selling is exceptional, you know that by presenting it brilliantly, you're be top-notch as well. But you probably knew you were top-notch already!

Our content marketing and editorial packages live & thrive commercially (thanks to Sales), and reach targeted international audiences. Our MD, James Craven, in an interview with the leading Australian branded content site Brand Tales explains more about the uniqueness of Hybrid's offering:

"We work hard with brands to keep the stories as real as possible. We have long and detailed discovery and planning meetings before writing begins to go through all the available editorial pillars and figure out the most compelling ideas and angles. We show [the clients] our analytics of successful stories and talk through why so many people read them and why people are inclined to share them"

As well a fascinating, bleeding-edge product to promote, what else do we offer?

  • the best office, up on the ninth floor of the Colston Tower in Bristol, the most vibrant, creative and exciting city in the UK
  • the possibility of promotion overseas: Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Boston, Bogota
  • clients like Japan Airlines, Four Seasons Hotels, Bristol University, Kings College
  • ongoing skill development and training to develop your abilities and knowledge
  • a global reach across continents and time zones

Sales positions for editorial-oriented brands represent the most vibrant, fast-moving roles out there right now. And a media sales role with us will allow you to present unique, bespoke products that attract household name clients who have their fingers firmly on the pulse.

To apply for any of the roles discussed in this article, please contact Corey in the first instance, either by email or call him directly on 0117 244 3183.